Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ay up!

So. I've started a blog. Something that lots of mums seem to do these days.

I mean, why not? I've got an over abundance of thoughts and unwanted opinions that no bugger listens to, so I may as well launch them carelessly into the ether of the Internet. Also, not working is genuinely turning my brain into mashed potato.

The deal is that I'm currently on maternity leave with a two month old bundle of joy and my soon-to-be-starting-school four year old. Despite the nightly wakenings, recovering from being sliced open for the birth, and trying not to lose my rag answering roughly 542 non-sensical questions each day, it's like a blimmin' holiday compared to my usual schedule.

During a normal week, I work full time hours squidged into four days and then work as a dance teacher on an evening. On my 'days off' I attempt to keep the house in some kind of order and try not to be a shit mum, not to mention trying to grab six hours sleep here and there, and exchanging a few words with the other half, in lieu of an actual meaningful conversation.

That's all on the back - burner for now while I lounge in the 'land of mum' for a wee bit longer. And frankly, it's bloody bliss. We're going to be brasso for a fair few months but it's absolutely worth it.

Although at the rate Child 1 is growing, I may have to send him down the pits to pay for new trousers #newblog #maternityleave #keepingthegreymattergoing

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